Fair Play Cup 2018 - 8. 12. 2018, Kategorie U11
BicanCup 2018 - 9. 12. 2018, Kategorie U13

About tournament

Slavia International Cup 2017

• SK Slavia Prague
• CEFC China
• Huawei
Under the auspices of
• Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic
• Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
• Chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic
With the contribution of
• Prague City Hall
• Town District Prague 10


1. Players born on 1st January 2002 and younger are allowed, ID cards or passports required.

2. Players are eligible to play only while insured which is a responsibility of the team;

3. Laws of the game applied, it is played 11:11 on normal field size

4. List of players shall include 20 players as a maximum, the application form containing the first name, surname, the date of birth and the personal shirt number of every player, must be filled in and submitted to the tournament administration a day before the tournament at the latest;

5.Playing time: 2 x 20 minutes at group stage, games for final placement 2 x 25 minutes, the allowance for time lost is at the discretion of the referee, additional time, if any, will be announced through information board, half-time break always 5 minutes;

6. 12 teams will participate at the tournament. Teams will be split into 2 groups of 6 teams. Each team will play 2 games on Friday and 3 games on Saturday. On Sunday, each team will play 2 games for final placement, for 1.-4. place 1A-2B, 2A-1B, for 5.8. Place 3A-4B, 4A-3B, for 9.-12. Place 5A-6B, 6A-5B, losers of these games will play against each other and winners as well for final placement. At group stage games are played 2×20 minutes, games for final placement are played 2×25 minutes. It is played on 3 fields – 2 fields are natural grass; 1 field is artificial grass.

7. Classification of the games: win = 3 points, draw = 1 point, loss = no points. If two and more teams have the same number of points, the following criteria will determine if the teams advance, and their final placement at the group stage:
A. number of points
B. matches played against each other
C. score difference
D. number of goals scored
E. draw.
If the matches result in draw during the Sunday playoffs, penalty kicks (3 on both sides) will be taken immediately after the final whistle, penalty kicks must be only taken by the players who have been in lineup at the time of final whistle
8. Match balls: Balls Umbro, size 5.
9. Replacement: Up to a maximum of 7 substitutes may be used, player who was substituted cannot return on the pitch
10. Players´ equipment required: two sets of outfits (distinct colours), football boots both for lawn and artificial surface, shin guards;

11.In case of any colours confusion, away team (stated as 2nd one in respective match of the playing schedule) has the right to keep the first-choice set;

12. Disciplinary measures: Red card, respectively two yellow cards shown by referee in a match will cause the player will be sent off and automatically suspended for a next game;

13. Tournament organizing committee is an only responsible body in case of any kind of misunderstanding, doubts or complaints;

14. In case of act of God or under influence of any other unexpected circumstances the organizers reserve the right to make changes in the tournament schedule.

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